Palos Verdes Limousine - Towncar driver continuously tried to run me off the road.

Los Angeles, California 1 comment

On the freeway near LAX on Tuesday Nov.24 2009, a towncar driver with license plate pvlimo3 tried to run me off the road.We were traveling on the southbound 405 near the 105 interchanges and at the last minute, he tried to cut me off and began making his way into my lane.

I honked so he wouldn't hit me. He then got into the lane next to me, honked and began yelling then began swerving into my lane, trying to run me off of the freeway. This happened a few more times where he swerved into my lane trying to make me run onto other cars or into the wall. I called the limo company(palos verdes limousine) to complain and they denied having a car with that plate, saying they sold the car.

The funny part is they said the still had the front license plate. Why would they sell a car and leave on only one license plate, and a personalized plate, at that? I feel the company is not willing to take action so people should not give them any business.

If this were to happen to anyone of the employees' loved ones,i'm sure they'd want the person committing the assault to be reprimanded.



This sounds like some one is in the same business as Palos Verde and trying to get other people to use another service.

If the incident they are describing is what really happend on that day then common sense would have been to slow down and back away from such a bad driver as you are stating not challenege and engage because now you have just contributed to the problem. You want your road and their business, so why not write a complaint in a format that is attacking a business that does a great job.

I have not seen anyone that witnessed that incident write and support your claim.

Maybe you need to take the Limo from Palos Verde in order for you to be safe.

Now that makes sense to me.

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